Free Radiohead song

Radiohead is one of those bands that consistently smashes the traditional media walls. They offered their last album, “In Rainbows,” online for free. Fans could pay whatever they thought the self-produced disc was worth: 5 cents, 5 bucks, or nothing.

Surprisingly, many people did pay. It’s an ethic that Chris Anderson explores in his book, “Free,” which argues that future business models for media build on free content.

In that vein, Radiohead continues to pile up goodwill by offering “These Are My Twisted Words,” a new song now available for free online.

What do you think? The future of media? Or can Radiohead pull off this stunt because they’re already big?


3 thoughts on “Free Radiohead song

  1. Not the future, but like you said, doesn’t matter because they’re so big. They make most of their money off touring, and they sell out nearly every concert they play, so it wouldn’t surprise me if they keep doing this, at least a couple more times. Song rating: 3.5/5 Not their best, but a pretty chill, kind of kraut rock vibe that is a grower.

  2. I think there’s potential in “free,” though. Firefox, Linux, YouTube, Craiglist — all used free models to disrupt the cart for legacy organizations. Consider how OK Go and Dane Cook created a buzz using YouTube. Not sure that it’s everything, but there’s something there.

    I agree on the song. I’d give it only a 3. But then, I’m not quite the Radiohead fan that you are.

  3. I agree that there’s something to the whole free thing, but I don’t see it replacing the CD. It’s a great hype creator. Although, I can certainly see digital .zip or .rar file albums for maybe $5-10 replacing CD’s for the most part in 5-10 years. Artists will start to realize, “I better put on a good live show.”

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