Part II: What the Dell? The saga continues

Editor’s note: When we last left our Intrepid Whiner, he had kept his Dell order and sent a frustrated e-mail to Ikjot, the first customer-service human to call our hero by name. Still, the Dell rep refused to grant an inconvenience discount.

It appears the kudos Dell has received for social media is not unwarranted.

Within hours of posting my frustrated rant on Jan. 8, @LisaG_atDell commented on my post with a sincere apology and an invitation to correspond via Twitter. I promptly did so and asked once again for my inconvenience discount.

Her response:

I wish I could do that for you & several others. At this time, there’s nothing available to offer except for a Point of Contact

She lost me at “Point of Contact.” It sounded like a subsection in the Customer Service Manual. *Sigh*

So I chalked it up to the Corporate Decline of America (taking some solace in the power of capitalization) and waited to see what would happen next.

On Jan. 11, the beginning of the next work week, I received a flier in the mail from Dell touting another sale. Apparently, my request for discount was read as “Please send me more junk mail.”

Then, this morning, Jan. 12, came the most laughable missive of all:

Mr. Dell, if I were a “valued customer,” you would have:

  • Responded to my last disappointed e-mail and assured me the computer was coming.
  • Given me my discount (or some token freebie).
  • Not set another deadline for your survey.
  • Not referred to me as a case number and an order number.

Next time: Does the computer arrive? Have the makers spit on our hero’s processor? Stay tuned…


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