A platform to be reckoned with: iPad sales top 300,000

In the flurry of iPad hysteria have come myriad comments about its shortcomings: the screen doesn’t show the battery charging; it doesn’t have a USB port; it doesn’t support Flash.

But the saturation coverage reveals that people are intrigued and interested in this latest Apple technology. No tablet computer or netbook has received this much coverage since … well, the iPhone.

And regardless of the negatives, the sales numbers reveal the iPad is indeed a platform to be reckoned with. Analysts were excited in 2008 when Amazon was expected to sell 378,000 Kindles over a one-year period. The iPad is selling that many over its opening weekend.

The more startling statistic: 1 million apps and more than 250,000 eBooks were downloaded this weekend as well. That’s a lot of eyeballs for a lot of media.

Whatever the naysayers say, it appears the iPad has made it through the initial launch. And given the similarity of its operating system to the iPhone’s, the masses will take little time to embrace the iPad’s ease of use, turning it from curiosity to habit.


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