Communicators, unite! Write clearly, and fight the bull

Although some hegemonic forces tout the synergy one yields from interweaving multiple lexical categories and argot, methinks such linkages merely obfuscate and should be excised from our discourse.

In other words, cut the crap.

Or as authors Brian Fugere, Chelsea Hardaway, and Jon Warshawsky put it: “Fight the bull.”

My friend and former colleague Michelle Rose recently introduced me to the “Fight the Bull” site, which raises the clarity axe to hack through pompous prose.

You can download the free software (if you have a Windows PC), or you can run up to 20,000 words through the Mystery Matador to discover the Bull Index of a piece of writing. It will compute the Flesch Reading Ease Index, a readability scale used in many educational corners, and then inform you how full of it you are.

As a test, I decide to submit my recent blog post about the iPad — just to make sure I hadn’t spiraled into the corporatespeak abyss.

My results?

Whew. Guess I better watch those occasional detours down Obfuscation Lane.


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