My iPhone 4 struggles: A sporadic home button

Home buttonAfter a couple of hours with Apple tech support, I now have a sporadic home button on my iPhone 4.

I tried rebooting the phone, and then, after backing up, I restored the phone. Weirdly, this action resulted in sporadic functioning of the home button.

For some apps such as Twitter, the button worked fairly well. For others, I had to hold it down or press more firmly to get any action. There was no consistency to the action.

“It kinda works,” I told the guy.

” ‘Kinda works?’ ” he asked. “So what do you want to do?”

“I want another phone.”

At this point, I had two options: I could wait for Apple to send me a box, send the phone back to the company, and wait 7-10 days. Or I could give him my credit-card number, allowing them to block out $699. Apple would then overnight me a new phone with a return box for my defective one.

I opted for the overnight and should get it tomorrow. Stay tuned.

Part of my problems seemed to start once I loaded iOS 4.0.2. Has anyone else experienced strange behavior since the upgrade?


2 thoughts on “My iPhone 4 struggles: A sporadic home button

  1. I have a problem now since upgrade that sometimes a click of the home button brings up the double click task bar. But this only happens sometimes and usually while in an app.

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