Be your own follower: Turning an RSS feed into a Twitter buddy

My first instinct after discovering a thought-provoking blog is to follow the author on Twitter — unless he or she isn’t on Twitter.

Yes, I know. Not on Twitter?! Are you serious? Unfortunately, not everyone shares my love of the social medium.

These days, I scroll through Twitter much more often than the mass of RSS feeds in my Google Reader. Twitter has become my primary source for news and information.

But there’s a solution to this conundrum: Create your own Twitter stream of non-tweeters using their RSS feeds.

Here’s how:

1. First, set up a new Twitter account to serve as the delivery stream for your feeds. (I created an account with the brilliantly creative moniker @grovesfeeds.)

Twitterfeed2. Sign up for a feed-delivery service such as Twitterfeed, which feeds RSS streams into your Twitter account. A variety of services offer this functionality; I use Twitterfeed because it’s free, easy to use, and allows you to add prefixes and suffixes to posts. Twitterfeed also lets you time your posts so you don’t get a flood of tweets crowding your Twitter stream.

3. Link your feeder account to your new Twitter account so it can automatically post new links.

4. When you find a Twitterless blog, search for the site’s RSS feed. When you click on the link, it will take you to a feed page. Copy this link from the address bar.

The RSS link on Poynter's Mobile Media site


5. Paste the URL of the feed into your Twitterfeed account. You can access features such as update frequency and post prefixes by clicking on the arrow by “Advanced Settings.”

6. Once you’ve entered the feed, proceed to the “Publishing Services” step, and choose Twitter.

7. Check your Twitter account to make sure the feed is appearing in the stream.

Thus far, I’ve added five feeds to my @grovesfeeds account. I get the added bonus of knowing most of these links are clickworthy because I’ve personally selected these feeds for delivery.


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