Get noticed with Technorati (TQBQQQS2KR9K)

In my classes, I often mention the importance of blogs as a news medium.

Then comes the inevitable follow-up question from my students: “How do you find good blogs?”

I point them to Technorati, an aggregator of the best in blog content. The site uses an “authority” calculation based on linking and other measures to determine a blog’s authority in a given topic segment. For example, TechCrunch is listed as the top technology blog for good reason. It regularly breaks top technology news and is followed by many movers and shakers.

Technorati is also inclusive. Anyone can join the network and submit his or her own blog with a “blog claim.”

To establish a claim, submit your blog’s URL, and Technorati will ask you to verify the claim with a “token” — for this blog, the token was TQBQQQS2KR9K — which you insert a post for verification.

Once verified, your blog joins the ranks of Technorati.

(Hat tip to blogger Brian Rothenberg for a succinct explanation on using claim tokens)


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